Framingham Health Associates offers Western as well as alternative medicines to treat patients.
Supervising physician Rusi Chen, M.D., M.S., provides the latest advancements in primary care,
women's health, and vaccinations. As an acupuncturist, she has the knowledge and authority to
recommend acupuncture or herbal medicine for patients unfamiliar with or skeptical of Western

Rusi Chen, M.D., M.S., Internal Medicine, Board Certified

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Dr. Rusi Chen
has been practicing medicine since 1970. She is a certified physician by the American Board of Internal Medicine. Dr. Chen is also a practitioner of Eastern medicine.


  •  Primary Care
  •  Women's Health
  •  Health Screening
  •  EKG & Lab Services
  •  Flu Shot & Immunizations
  •  Alternative Medicine
  •  Located near Hospital
  •  Flexible Hours, Evenings & Weekends
  •  Most Insurance Accepted (including Medicare)